92% of people are not clear about their life's purpose or they are not achieving it. This show aims to drastically transform that statistic and guide people to understand what they were created to do and how to do it.

Ericka truly believes that if a majority of people fulfill their life purpose
and Extraordinary (your highest calling and how you build it), many of the world’s problems could be alleviated and the world would be a better place.


The world would be made up of whole, healthy, loving, and confident people
who are passionate about building lives, businesses and organizations
of meaning and impact.


She has spent the last 32 years guiding people and organizations through transformation and she is bringing her gifts to the world in a new way.

This is a show for those who know they were created for more. They desire to know their purpose and make an impact in the world. They are the truth-seekers, originators, creators, innovators, founders, movers and shakers, initiators, shot takers, builders,  idealists, influencers and the stories behind the extraordinary companies and organizations they are building to fulfill their purpose.


Real Purpose. Real Stories. Real Impact.


The Ericka James Show is created, hosted and facilitated by Ericka D. James, CEO, Speaker and Trainer and Prophetic Strategist.


The Ericka James Show’s main assignment is to bring the prophetic (the ability to clearly hear the voice of God on behalf of others) to into the mainstream in a way that has never been done before.

Along with sharing her gift of prophecy, Ericka brings her depth of wisdom to bring solutions and guidance to help viewers understand why they were created and how to manifest their purpose.

In addition to Ericka, the show’s guests share their biggest lessons, mistakes, insights, advice, secrets and internal shifts they had to make along the way to create, sustain and grow their success. The best life is a life lived on purpose and this show will help the audience know they can do it.


The first season of The Ericka James Show is comprised of 11 episodes. It was produced by Blackett-Bell Productions.

It is a 28:30-minute show with three segments. The first segment shares statistics, success principles, stories, and insights. The second segment highlights interviews and 3 Power Steps to help the audience immediately implement necessary shifts and changes to live on purpose. The third segment is a live or recorded prophetic session.

This is not a typical talk show format that relies solely on the guests to boost show ratings. The focus on the show is Ericka’s wisdom, humor, teachings, insights and the prophetic. There are guests on about half of the episodes.


Join us and let's change the world!

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