Rule Your Destiny: Understanding Your Position in God's 5-fold Government

with Ericka D. James

Entrepreneur | Speaker & Trainer | Prophetic Strategist

When you know your position in God's government, you enter into a new realm of ease as you manifest your vision.

Are you a Teacher, Pastor, Evangelist, Prophet or Apostle?

These are not ministry designations inside the church, they are positions in God's government for the marketplace. EVERY Christian is called to one of them. Understanding this is a game-changer! Join in this powerful training and take your rightful position.

In this course you will learn:

How to Understand the Characteristics of Each Office or Position and How They Operate in the Marketplace.

A Quick Assessment so you Know Where You Are Called and the Gifts That Come with Each Rank.

The Different Levels of Authority, Jurisdiction, Function and Operation of Each Position.

What Stops You From Operating in the Fullness of Your Pre-destined Position and How to Quickly Get On Track.




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Ericka D. James

CEO | Speaker & Trainer | Prophetic Strategist

Ericka D. James helps you fearlessly build something extraordinary. She has spent the last 31 years guiding people to become all they were created to be.

Ericka is passionate about three things—creating, communicating, and connecting. She shares her gifts and passion as a Speaker, Author, Trainer, Prophetic Strategist  and Talk Show Host who guides you in fulfilling God's vision for your life without fear or hindrances.

After overcoming years of bullying and the challenges of single motherhood, her testimony is one of triumph, forgiveness, faith, complete surrender, obedience, and an unyielding pursuit of manifesting her potential. She believes that the best adventure of all is to live fully on purpose.

Ericka is the CEO of The Convergence Center LLC, a world-class consulting and training firm, the founder of The Alliance, a training and development organization for businesswomen, and the founder and Apostle of The Kingdom Minister's Association, a 501(c)(3).

Her passion for connecting shines through her love of creating training systems and safe communities for those called to build something extraordinary. She empowers people to come together, celebrate, and grow their success. Visit to learn more about her life's work,  resources and courses.