Thank you all for the emails, posts and comments about the show! We are just getting started and are beyond excited about what is to come. Here are a few of the comments and testimonials we have received about the show.

Just wanted to tell you how impressed I am with your show!!! Great job. It’s beautiful, great information and very helpful. Way to go!!!!

Kim, Show Viewer

I absolutely loved episode 5. I needed that so bad. I understand now what belief really means and I will be practicing it! OMG!  I am so excited about this episode, it is a blessing.

Ericka, thank you so much for all of your encouragement between your shows, books, and emails. I am truly learning how to walk with boldness in my purpose and plan. Thank you, again.


Divyne Destini Productions

I finally found some time to look at The Ericka James premiere. Wow! She is a very gifted presenter, a life coach who makes you feel as if the conversation is one-on-one. The steps she lists for transformation are very confirmative. I like the way she shares her own path to where she is fulfilling her purpose.


Show Viewer

Ericka, your show has been a catalyst for me to recommit to living my purpose. Something deep within me ignited when I watched your show. Thank you so much for doing this show and getting it out to those like me who needed the right push into my purpose. Please, keep on keeping on.




Show Viewer

WOW!  I wait with baited breath for each next episode of Ericka’s show...It is CHOCK full of applicable, clear, practical insights, exercises, and techniques that elevate your life, NOW! 

I especially LOVE the stories from her life that she opens each show with that illuminate her topic for the episode.  EVERY topic is relevant and timely, and from EACH show, I glean life-elevating understanding from her teachings.

Debrena, Show Viewer

“Just want to shout out The Ericka James Show. I've seen 1 through 6 and they just keep getting more powerful. Ericka, you have such a great presence for TV.  You're so natural-- supernaturally --with people and the camera.”

Yolanda G.

Show Viewer

"Yes, Ericka is just fabulous!!! I just forwarded the show to a few people. That set is just spectacular! ”


Show Viewer

I'm ready for change, expansion and increase as you've indicated in your talk shows. Your shows  have really been inspirational and life changing. Thank you so much for your obedience to the call of God on your life because it's indeed having a life-changing effect on my life and I am standing in expectancy of what is to come. Hallelujah!!!


Show Viewer

"Absolutely awesome! Just WOW and Thank you! So great to see you in that capacity.  May God continue to bless you with boldness, insight, and prophetic ears, eyes, and heart.


Show Viewer

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