Ericka's story has been about overcoming years of bullying as a young girl to begin building her dreams at a young age. By the age of 18, she had more than 6 years of student leadership under her belt and started her first speaking and training business. Throughout her college years she continued to inspire others to love themselves and achieve their life's purpose.


She became a single mother at the age of 25 and almost overnight her life turned into one of struggle and overcoming. She felt derailed and almost gave up on her dreams.


When she was 29, she decided to fight for her dreams. She refused to give up. She made a decision to get her life back on track and do whatever it took to fully understand and manifest who she was created to be. She fought to keep her focus and created two successful businesses and a ministry. She has since led thousands of people to understand the greatness within them and to fully live their life's purpose.


The Ericka James Show: Life on Purpose is not just another talk show. It is a process. It is an experience designed to lead you right into living your destiny and fulfilling your life's purpose. This is a show for those who know they were created for more. If you are a truth-seeker, originator, creator, innovator, founder, builder, idealist, influencer, or believe that there is something more in you to share with the world, this show is for you!


New episodes will be released every other week. Tune into The Ericka James Show: Life on Purpose and be inspired, uplifted and transformed. Remember to invite your friends to view the show and be a part of the movement!


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